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The Best Reasons for Using Morgan & Curtis Associates, Inc.

Experience, Trust, Integrity, Highest Cash Returns, Competitive Rates, Premier Reputation

Morgan & Curtis Associates is among the most highly respected collection agencies in the industry. We have been in business over 32 years now and have over 100 years combined recovery experience. We have proven to be responsible, reliable, trusted and above all, respected by our clients.

Our collectors specialize in resolving accounts through our knowledge and ability to educate the debtor in the benefits of maintaining a good credit rating, rather than the common hardcore approach that typifies most collection agencies.

We specialize in collecting the account and maintaining our clients good will.

Any collection agency can recover your easy accounts. At Morgan & Curtis, we take pride in collecting the more challenging accounts, the ones you thought might never be collected.

We maintain our high recovery goals by re-assigning each account to a second, or even a third collector, if necessary.

In most instances a change in voice, tact, psychology, or attitude often allows a different collector to succeed where previous ones could not.

The main focus of Morgan & Curtis Associates, is to assist our clients in reducing overhead expenses, increase cash flow, and improve their overall bottom line.

Our results-driven reputation, strong financial track record, highly motivated collection staff, and proven results for our clients, make Morgan & Curtis Associates an excellent and prudent choice for any of your account receivable needs.

Morgan & Curtis Associates is committed to handling your company’s delinquent accounts professionally, thoroughly, and quickly. We are a licensed and bonded collection agency, as well as members of the American Collectors Association.

Morgan & Curtis Associates, Inc. is a nationwide collection agency specializing in debt recovery of Commercial, Consumer, and Medical past due receivables. Our company is headquartered in New York State.

We offer a full range of collection services in many locations. Please call us for more information regarding the states we currently are servicing, and to find out how we can help you customize your needs. Our collection specialists are experienced in recovering delinquent accounts in the shortest time possible.

At Morgan & Curtis, we make sure that you are always well informed; sending monthly Remittance Statements and checks in a timely manner with debtor updates. In addition, debtor status updates, when needed, are provided via telephone as well. Our commercial collection agency also integrates technology into our services, enabling fast seamless data transfer.

Our Business to Business Collections Division offers our clients the following benefits:

Morgan & Curtis is a licensed, bonded and insured accounts receivables management firm in good standing with the American Collectors Association.

  • Skilled personnel
  • Highest cash returns
  • Financial stability
  • Competitive rates
  • Record of effectiveness
  • Nationwide
  • Member of the American Collectors Association
  • Advanced Technology
  • Responsive to your needs and special requests


Professionally Trained Commercial, Consumer and Medical Collectors

No Recovery No Fee Services

Nationwide Network of Collection Attorneys

Superior Customer Service

Approval Is Required Prior To Any Settlement or law suit

Remittances are tailored according to your needs.
We can remit at any frequency and by any method.

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