Collection Agency In New York

4 “Must” Before Hiring A Collection Agency In New York

No matter what kind of business you’re in, Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Construction, Medical Practice, etc., there will always be some customers who refuse to pay your invoice. You send statement after statement to no avail, and your telephone calls only result in hearing excuses for  non- payment.

When you reach that point in your collection efforts, you should call Morgan & Curtis Associates, a New York Debt Collection Agency for help. Most Collection agencies specialize in recovering debts that are past due — typically by 90 to 120 days or more. They rely on various forms of communication to reach customers and persuade them to pay, including phone calls, motivational collection letters and emails. In some cases, they turn to the legal system to collect if other efforts are unsuccessful. Every year, collection agencies return nearly $50 billion to the U.S. economy.

Good collection agencies are effective in recovering debts because they understand which tactics and strategies are most effective. They have tools and technologies to help them locate people who have moved or changed phone numbers. Beyond just basic collection efforts, some agencies also provide training for your internal accounts receivable staff. Some also provide business consulting services.

While there are many reputable collection agencies, there is a reason the industry on the whole has earned something of a bad rap. Some agencies rely on unscrupulous, harassing or illegal tactics to collect, and that’s something to avoid at all cost because it reflects poorly on your business. There are strict laws surrounding collections efforts, and any reputable agency will follow them.  Morgan & Curtis never employ’s unethical collection strategies.

If you’ve decided to hire a collection agency in New York, it is important to do your research first to understand what separates the good ones from the bad. It is also important to find a collection agency that is experienced, professional and familiar with your industry. Not every collection agency will be a good fit. Not every collection agency has earned a good reputation like Morgan & Curtis.

If you are looking for a New York collection agency?  There are many collection agencies in New York, and finding the proper fit for your needs could be challenging.  The following lists four “musts” before choosing a collection agency NY:

(1)  Ask whether the agency has experience collecting your type of debt

(2) Does the agency work on a “no collection/no fee” basis, or charge up-front               fees

(3)  Ask for client references in your type of business

(4)  Are they licensed, bonded and insured

Collection agencies that work on a “No Collection/No Fee” basis have a greater incentive to prodigiously work files more aggressively to reach collection of bad debts.  Find the best collection agencies in New York that can provide the 4 Musts.

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