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Medical collections require some of the most delicate collection procedures. For that reason, Morgan & Curtis maintains a strict  compliant policy, as well as training in HIPPA regulations, FDCPA and FCRA procedures and compliance. Unfortunately, most medical debt stems from a situation beyond a patient’s control, which is why we adhere to a sensitive, results-oriented collections approach. These polices have led to our success, over the past 32 years in medical collections. Resolving the account balance ethically and professionally with your patient helps to preserve your reputation, as well as collecting the monies owed. Let Morgan & Curtis help increase your profit margin so you can concentrate on building your practice, and the care of your  patients.

Collection Experts you can COUNT ON!

MORGAN & CURTIS Medical Division specializes in helping physicians, dental practices, and hospitals to recover their hard-earned fees for services. Our recovery programs are specifically designed for the healthcare industry.

We are focused on producing results for our clients, regardless of the size of your medical practice.. If you need help recovering your past due patient accounts, you can be confident in Morgan & Curtis Associates, ability to be efficient, and always professional during that process.

Let Your Practice Benefit From The Following Services:

Morgan & Curtis Associates, Inc. is a member, in good standing, of The American Collectors Association and the Health Care Services Association Since 1983

Let Your Practice Benefit From The Following Services:

  • Our trained, and long term Medical collection professionals
  • Our ability to locate patients, and negotiate on our client’s behalf
  • Treating your patients with dignity & professionalism
  • Above average recovery rates
  • Our state of the art technology
  • Our unsurpassed client services
  • Straight-forward fees with no hidden costs
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Very Competitive rates
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Self-pay collections
  • Balances after insurance
  • No collection – No charge
  • Estates
  • Patient refusal in releasing third-party insurance payments
  • Legal referral, when necessary

Medical Collections Agency New York

Morgan & Curtis Associates maintains a higher than average recovery rate, when necessary, you can be confident in our ability to locate your delinquent patients, and recover the monies due to your medical practice. When necessary, our skip-tracing department is equipped with the newest technologies to help locate those “patients” that have stopped communicating with your billing department. Many collection agencies use unethical tactics to collect. Morgan & Curtis knows that you want your money collected, but we do so in a manner to preserve the image and prestige of your practice.

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