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If you are in the medical field, and have been providing medical or dental services to patients who have not paid for services rendered, we are here to help.  We shall do all that we can to get your money back in a professional manner.

Morgan & Curtis Associates is one of the best medical collections agencies in the state of New York.   There could be different circumstances under which the patients could have felt compelled to leave their medical bills unpaid.  Understanding their situations, our professional staff of collectors will negotiate payment in a manner to preserve a good relationship between the doctors, hospitals, and patients.  We can help you to increase the profits of your practice.  Our professionalism and perseverance make us outstanding among the best in medical collections.

Our onsite specialists decrease the collection cycle by determining patients’ financial responsibility at the point of service.

Our goal is to improve front-end collections, greater recovery rates, while enhancing the entire process with analytics based on patient behavior and ability to pay.

Medical Collections requires a strict adherence to set guidelines specifically HIPAA, FDCPA,  and the FCRA. We have collectors certified to handle these types of collections. Its a powerful approach to getting the money you deserve for your services, AND LOST REVENUE RECOVERY…

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