Consumer Collection Agency

What Makes Us Excel As A Consumer Collection Agency

A consumer collection agency collects debts that consumers owe to doctors and dentists, or businesses.  Collection agencies must be compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), to prevent the consumers from facing any illegal means of collection by the consumer collection agency.  The communication that takes place between the defaulter and the collection agency is carried out via telephone calls and mail.

Why choose Morgan & Curtis?
At Morgan & Curtis, we adapt to a method that complies with all State and Federal laws required for collecting consumer debt.  We have maintained a reputation in the market by giving our clients a recovery rate that is among the highest.  This is the reason that we are at the apex, after more than 34 years in the collection industry.  We possess a highly experienced team of collectors.  They are greatly motivated to reach their goals of successful resolution of the debts of our clients, while preserving the prestige and reputation of our clients.  We employ efforts to gain voluntary debt collection without any conflict.  Each step is undertaken with much forethought and accountability, so that the stature and honor of the clients do not get hurt.  At Morgan & Curtis Associates, we start by locating the debtor and contacting them by phone or written letter to request the money due. If the debtor is unable to pay the full amount, our recovery specialist can negotiate for a lesser amount, that way, you still get some of what you were owed — even if you previously wrote the account off as a loss. Our collection specialist can also arrange a flexible payment schedule for the balance in full.. Morgan & Curtis fees are based only on the amount collected…No Collection…No Fee.

Our specialists are well-skilled collection agents who  know the right protocol for contacting debtors, and stressing the urgency of paying the past due invoice without making threats or being verbally abusive. They also have strong customer service skills and work hard to appropriately represent your business and uphold your corporate image. Our technology, has the ability to track each case from the time placed to the time closed. We always keep our clients informed regarding the progress of each account placed. For a Free Rate Quote, please complete our online form, or call 1-800-93308710 for additional information.