Scope of Our Services

Asset investigation, skip tracing and corporate searches are some of the services that have made MORGAN & CURTIS a premier source of collections of our client’s hard-earned dollars.

We emphasize personal, direct contact through skilled and developed telephone techniques. We offer our clients the ultimate collection system, where the impossible becomes a reality by converting your losses into profits, quickly and professionally.

MORGAN & CURTIS maintains separate medium and large balance collection departments, thus benefiting our clients with optimum results regardless of dollar value of your claim. Most of our clients are experiencing a higher rate of monies recovered since utilizing our services.

Our nationwide telephone network makes all contacts only seconds away.

MORGAN & CURTIS enjoys maximum control of all facets of its operation by use of a centralized site. Our headquarters are located on the North Shore of Long Island in Hicksville, New York.

At MORGAN & CURTIS, we are professionals. We are proficient in turning cold debts into cold cash. In most instances, we collect the amount dues quickly and in full.

Successful commercial debt collection companies must demand the following performance requirements from their collection staff: huge motivation and drive, diligence and determination to reach their goals, the skills of articulation and negotiation showcasing their many years of experience getting the job done.

Commercial Collection Agency

Morgan & Curtis Associates Inc. is a New York commercial collection agency. We enjoy an impeccable reputation. Our team has always employed a most industrious work ethic to effect collection of the client’s hard-earned money as concisely as possible.

Morgan & Curtis Associates welcomes the opportunity to showcase our talents, and the ability to become a valuable asset as your company’s collection debt agency.

We Welcome The Opportunity To Service Your Commercial And Industrial Collection Needs.


MORGAN & CURTIS has an established field operation, and our personnel handle much of the check recovery and assets investigation work. Our staff of experienced collectors is equipped to handle your most challenging collection problems. We have in our employ professionally trained dedicated individuals who know the problems indigenous to your particular industry.

Nationwide, MORGAN & CURTIS has been successful in making collections for numerous clients in your field.

MORGAN & CURTIS is a member of the American Collectors Association. Where standard collection agencies fail, we prevail.

Progress Reports
MORGAN & CURTIS is aware of the fact that clients wish to be kept informed of the progress being made on their accounts. We provide personalized reports, which include the following:


As placed Collection/Remittance –
Monthly, or at any schedule meeting your needs.

Monthly Status/Inventory
Monthly Performance

All this becomes another arm or extension of your organization

Our personnel use whatever steps are necessary prior to litigating. When litigation is necessary, however, written authorization is requested in advance. We have a network of attorneys who are familiar with our requirements.

Trust Accounts
All collections are deposited into a bank-administered Escrow Account. Funds will be remitted monthly following collection.

Bonding and Insurance
MORGAN & CURTIS is a fully bonded and insured corporation. Our network of attorneys, nationwide, are covered by a one-million dollar Fidelity Bond.

MORGAN & CURTIS would be pleased to handle your delinquent accounts receivable on a contingency fee basis. A fee schedule is available upon your request.

UTILIZE THE FINEST COLLECTION NETWORK! PROFIT FROM OUR SKILLS. We can reduce your delinquencies, and increase the percentage of recovery of your money.

All Accounts Receive Personal Attention
MORGAN & CURTIS handles each claim strictly on an individual basis. We do not utilize form letters. Collector caseloads are kept light, and we devote all the time necessary to diagnose each problem according to its own particular set of details.

Early Placement Means Better Results
There is most definitely a direct correlation between the age of an account and the success of full collection. Claims should, therefore, be placed on a timely basis. Prompt, early placement has been proven to be more economical, as it increases the success rate of full recovery of your money.

To Expedite Recovery 
MORGAN & CURTIS works each claim most vigorously. To assist in the speedy recovery of your assets, please provide as much information as possible when placing accounts. Proper back-up would include: itemized statements, copies of NSF checks, etc.

FOR MORE THEN 32 YEARS, MORGAN & CURTIS HAS SUCCESSFULLY SERVED THE COLLECTION NEEDS OF OUR CLIENTS, and we welcome the opportunity to service your collection needs.