Commercial Collection Agency

Why We Excel As A Commercial Collection Agency

Business to Business debt collections can be a difficult process to handle without the appropriate leverage. Studies have shown that every business at some point experiences difficulty collecting outstanding debts owed to them by businesses.  There are various considerations that keep the creditor from asking for the money owed.  Small and medium-sized companies do not want to spoil their relationship with clients, or getting involved with altercations.  That unwelcome challenge inspires a creditor’s interest in the services of a debt collections agency.

Morgan & Curtis Associates is a renowned collection agency with more than 33 years of experience.  We make use of asset investigation and corporate searches, to recover your hard-earned money.  Our staff is comprised of professional negotiators who are skilled communicators exercising diligence in every effort to recover uncollected debts. We have proven to be responsible, reliable, trusted and above all, respected by our clients  Our goal is to collect the complete amount owed, and as expeditiously as possible. We only take a fee if we collect. If our debt recovery service fails, no fee is charged. What better incentive is there then to allow Morgan & Curtis Associates to work your files. Collecting money is our only business, and we know that we need to collect accounts in order to profit. Our collection rates are lower than other agencies. We also offer special discounted rates for volume placements ,or for accounts over $15,000.00.  Our clients receive progress reports regularly. If the debtor continues to ignore all our collection efforts, the claim is forwarded to our attorney in the debtor’s area.  We have an established attorney network nationwide. This is effective since the attorney is right in the debtor’s “home state”. All our attorneys are members of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and are fully licensed and bonded. We have worked with these attorneys for over 30 years, and know which attorneys are the absolute best for any given situation. Prior to any suit, we will contact you to go over the case, and get your written permission to move forward with a law suit. When placing accounts with Morgan & Curtis, be sure to include all supporting documentation to speed up the recovery process.To obtain a free collection quote, please complete our online form, or call us at (800) 933-8710.