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Debt Collection Agencies NYC

The goal that Morgan & Curtis sets for itself is to be the best.  This includes being the best in recovery, the best in servicing our customers and the best in compliance with collection laws.  Our goal for our clients is to benefit them with maximized returns and increased revenue flow.

Morgan & Curtis has 34 years of experience in the collections industry.  We offer a full range of collection services including telephone collections, and compliance training.  We offer complete support for inbound calls, outbound calls, payment  processing, and all additional aspects of the collection process.  We are members in good standing of the American Collectors Association.


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Commercial Service

Asset investigation, skip tracing and corporate searches are some of the services that have made MORGAN & CURTIS a premier source of collections of our client’s hard-earned dollars.

We emphasize personal, direct contact through skilled and developed telephone techniques.

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Medical Service

Hospitals – Private physician practices – Dental practices – Labs and Clinics

Medical collections require some of the most delicate collection procedures. For that reason, Morgan & Curtis maintains a strict  compliant policy, as well as training in HIPPA regulations, FDCPA and FCRA procedures and compliance

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Consumer Collection Agency

Morgan & Curtis Associates Inc. is licensed by the Department of NYC Consumer Affairs as a Debt Collection Agency NYC. We maintain, and have always maintained full compliance when contacting New York City residents, and all consumers. We have always demonstrated integrity as a consumer collection agency.

Morgan & Curtis Associates offers a full range of collection agency services. We have the ability to succeed in effecting collection while preserving the good name and prestige of our clients. The Morgan & Curtis staff is fully experienced in the resolution of consumer, medical, commercial, and industrial debts. We welcome the opportunity to service your collection needs.

We focus on voluntary collections, and speak with the debtor in a refined, reserved manner to avoid confrontation.  Our purpose at Morgan & Curtis is to effect collection of debts owed to our clients, but we do so in a professional manner to preserve the prestige and integrity of our clients.  This requires prudence and responsibility of action.

Morgan & Curtis  maintains an absolute commitment to high quality client service.  It is one of our duties to provide our clients and the general public with debt collection NYC that maintains the highest ethical and professional standards.  All collection staff members maintain the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

We utilize state-of-the-art telephone systems, computer technology, dial technologies, on-line payment and collection software.  All facets of the collection process and history are recorded from the date of placement through collection and closing of the file.

Morgan & Curtis has an impressive staff of experienced, highly motivated, diligent people who share the common goal of being the best that they can be.  We come from varied backgrounds, which helps us to succeed in learning and understanding others.

Our ability to serve our clients and meet their objectives are characteristic to the long-time success of Morgan & Curtis.  We have achieved our success by obtaining strong recovery rates for our clients, while adhering to all Federal and State laws and regulations, maintaining client satisfaction, and avoiding consumer complaints.

Morgan & Curtis would like very much to have the opportunity to put our expertise in collecting debts to work for you, and to prove our value to you.



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